Prestige Keys Car Hire represents a luxury car hire travel company. One that is ready to fulfill all of your requirements when it comes to professionally maintained, clean, high performance vehicles, friendly service, and an extensive fleet of models and color choices that is second to none.

We pride ourselves on the VIP services that we provide to our clientele, without the excessive pricing that you may find with our competitors. Our services are built around the needs of our clients, and are constantly improved by the feedback that they return to us. With a wealth of positive reviews and comments, we’re confident that we are maintaining our position as the best car hire service in the UK.

At Prestige Keys Car Hire, we specialize in:

  • Sports car hire
  • Performance car hire
  • 4×4 car hire
  • Executive car hire
  • Chauffeur car hire
  • Super car hire

With a fleet that is backed by some of the most well known brands and names in the world, including:

  • Aston Martin hires
  • Audi hires
  • Bentley hires
  • BMW M3 hires
  • Ferrari hires
  • Lamborghini hires
  • Maserati hires
  • Mayback hires
  • Mercedes hires
  • Porsche hires
  • Range Rover hires
  • Nissan GTR hires
  • Rolls-Royce hires


Our range of luxury cars is impressive, and our experience in providing high quality vehicles and customer services is exactly why we’re the first call that many clients make when they need a top quality vehicle on time.

Prestige Keys Car Hire also offers comprehensive services nationwide, thanks to our extensive and exciting fleet of rentals that brings together some of the very best cars from around the world. Whatever the occasion might be, Prestige Keys Car Hire will be there for you.

For Special Occasions and More

We know that there are occasions and events when you may need the very best supercar hire Sheffield has to offer, or weddings where only the most prestigious supercar hire Manchester can provide will do. That’s why we offer specialized services and rates that are perfect for your big events and special occasions, with an excellent selection of vehicles that are among some of the very best prestige car hire London services that you will find anywhere.

Compare our fleet, and our rates, to that of our competition, and you will find that there’s simply no better source for the wedding car hire Birmingham, Stanchest, and London residents are searching for.

  • When it comes to wedding car hire, we’ve got many models to choose from, including some of the most diverse wedding car hire London has available. Models, including BMW, Rolls-Royce, and even Lamborghini and Aston Martin, are the perfect way to add a unique, timeless touch to your wedding day.
  • For special business meetings and events, you need a performance car hire that you can stake your reputation on. Our luxury car hire services are precisely what you need when you want to make the best possible impression with a new client, a potential employee, or a business partner that’s on the verge of making an important decision.
  • Want to celebrate an important day? Our limousine hire will be there to help you travel in style, comfort, and elegance. We have many different models to choose from, and will be there to help you to select the right limo if you aren’t sure. Our customer service is more than willing to consult and advise you on all matters related to your car hire, so that you can pick the perfect car for your needs. Never settle for less.

With our prestige car hire Birmingham residents can get the experience of traveling in some of the most stylish vehicles in the world, all at rates that are very reasonable, and with customer service that never leaves you guessing about whether or not you are being cared for. You have our full attention when you become our client, and our customers always appreciate the amount of focus that we place on them to ensure that every order is absolutely correct, every time.

Prestige on Demand

Looking for something that goes above and beyond what you might expect from your typical car hire service? We also offer:

  • Helicopter hire, perfect for picking up VIP guests, taking tours of areas, and more.
  • Limousine hire that’s ideal for weddings, business meetings, nights on the town with friends and family, and more.
  • Executive car hire, for those executives who are visiting you, or those times when you come to the UK and need a vehicle to be there for you.
  • Performance car hires, so that you can drive with the sort of luxury and high performance that you expect from the best car brands in the world.

We go well beyond what you’ve come to expect from car hire companies, and our services, and fleet, continue to expand based on that. We know that your impressions with clients are important, as is your time spent before and after a wedding. All of these times are precious, and squandering them on questionable car service would be unthinkable. With Prestige Keys Car Hire service, you will only get the best vehicles for your needs.

Our sports car hires, super car hires, and wedding car hires are all chosen from a fleet that is expertly maintained and hand selected for our clients, with thorough certification and documentation for every vehicle that we own. When you choose one of our cars for your car hire service, there will be absolutely no doubt that you are getting exactly what you requested.

Our customer service is also top notch; if you have any questions about a particular car in our fleet, or the availability of a model that you have seen in our list, simply contact our customer service team. We can provide you with information, schedule you for car hire, and more.


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